Story of Alture

Alture was founded in 2020 in Indonesia by a group of the pharmacist, where we are conscious of making beauty and wellness products with nature vibes that bring environmental value. Alture is a form of nature’s care for human’s, while using Alture is a form of human care for nature. Alture commits to giving love back to our nature. Every purchase of yours contributes to our beautiful planet

Natural Ingredients

Through applied science, we provide natural products and create innovative formulas for multi-functional cosmetic, personal care, and wellness products that positively impact our skin, body, and earth. With growing consciousness of benefit from natural ingredients and there are still products with potentially harmful ingredients to humans and the environment, we make a conscious movement to formulate products with natural ingredients.

Indonesia Biodiversity

Indonesia is a country with the second-highest wealth of terrestrial biodiversity in the world. Indonesia has a high diversity of plants. This biodiversity can be used for various useful products for us, including cosmetic and health products. Seeing the potential of natural materials in Indonesia, Alture strives to make products made in Indonesia by utilizing natural ingredients.

Sustainability Beauty

When we began our journey, very few beauty brands were available that cared for our skin and our environment. We worried about empty packaging that could harm our beautiful earth. Alture has aimed to be much more than just a conventional brand. Alture is a beauty and wellness brand that carries environmentally friendly values. We saw another perspective to utilize empty packaging that contributes to our environment. As a brand, we believe that we should be responsible and contribute to the sustainability of our planet through sustainable beauty. Alture is a responsible brand committed to reducing the accumulated plastic of non-biodegradable packaging uses that contributed to waste.

Beauty of Simplicity

We tried to facilitate our customers to save their time and energy on doing their beauty and wellness routine by giving multi-purpose products.

Natural beauty can be obtained by using multifunctional skincare products. By using multifunctional products, we also contribute to the environment by reducing waste. We believe in the beauty of simplicity and embracing the better version of you. Less is more.

Harmless Beauty

We consider that people have a right to know what ingredients potentially do more harm than good in their beauty regimen. That’s why we are 100% vegan friendly and don’t need to harm our animal friends. .